Shri Vinayaka Educare Services & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

What we Do?

We are education consultants working towards shaping the careers of our students through the right counseling and guidance. Vinayaka Services does not act as an agent for educational institutions unlike most of the consultants out there and hence we do not push or encourage our students to choose commission paying institutions. We are extremely passionate about the counseling process and we consistently strive to help our students secure admission only into the top institutions

Course Selection & Counseling Support

We are here to assist students in finding courses that are best suited to them by applying a holistic approach that includes the student’s academic, work history, requirements, ambitions, circumstances and strengths.

College Selection & Admission Support

Students often get confused to select best institutions and location. Ensure that a student is making a well-informed decision by providing complete and accurate information about colleges and universities, courses of study and their study destinations.

Education Loan/ Student Credit Card

We provide complete support to get education loans from various financial institutions or get benefited by Student Credit Card Scheme.

Built with brains

Bihar Student Credit card Scheme

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojna is a loan scheme for the students that came into being on 2 October 2016. This scheme is helping students who have passed the 12th standard and want to pursue their higher education.

WHy choose us

How we do it?

Innovative Strategies

Our internal team keep a close eye on college ranking every year. Helping students to choose the right college needs lots of research and strategies. This the point where Vikayaka Educare Services is the best. We decide colleges on various parameters like faculty experience, year of establishment, fees structure, campus environment, average salary package of alumni, alumni job profiles and startups founded by them, etc.

Strategic Insight

This is the biggest dilemma almost all students face before applying to any universities and also the main area/aspect where in most consultancies take advantage of students’ innocence of lack of knowledge with regards to Colleges/Universities. Our expertise here help students to solve this biggest dilemma.

Personalized Mentorship

Vikayaka Educare Services provides One-on-one mentorship to students. We understand that a college education is expensive and we make sure that we help students and their families in every way to navigate through the complex process of college scholarships. Colleges generally give aid based on the financial position of the family and sometimes on merit, athletic and extra-curricular proficiency as well.

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